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  • 29th Annual Sovereign Grace Conference

    "Revival", August 3-5, 2010

    Our 29th annual Sovereign Grace Conference was held August 3-5, 2010. The theme was Revival.

    View the PDF of the Conference Program Bulletin (may take a while to download).

    View the conference pictures online.

    Listen to the sermons on SermonAudio.com.

    Arthur Blevins, Aztec, New Mexico A. The Need For Revival
    B. Preaching God's Law & Revival
    Dan Chamberlin, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma A. What Is Revival?
    B. History of Revivals In America
    Ed Colley, Dothan, Alabama A. Prayer & Revival
    B. Will There Be An End Time Revival?
    Dan Cozart, Tyler, Texas A. Obstacles To Revival
    B. Revivals In The Old Testament
    Bill McDaniel, Houston, Texas A. Preaching The Gospel & Revival
    B. Revival Versus Reformation
    Wayne Camp, Grenada, Mississippi A. False Revivals
    B. Sovereign Grace & Revival

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