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    30th Annual Sovereign Grace Conference

    "Modern False Gospels", August 2-4, 2011

    Arthur Blevins, Aztec, New Mexico A. The Gospel According to Billy Graham
    B. The Gospel of Islam
    Dan Chamberlin, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma A. The Gospel of Charismatic Calvinism
    B. New Covenant Theology
    Royce Smith, Choctaw, OK A. What is the True Gospel?
    B. The Social Gospel
    Dan Cozart, Tyler, Texas A. Joel Osteen's Gospel
    B. How to Deal with False Prophets
    Roger Dohrer, Claremore, OK A. The Gospel of Americanism
    B. The Gospel According to Mark Driscoll
    Jack Duplechain, Memphis, TN A. The Prosperity Gospel
    B. The Gospel of the Emergent Church

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