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    31st Annual Sovereign Grace Conference

    "The Dangers of Hyper Calvinism", August 7-9, 2012

    Arthur Blevins, Aztec, New Mexico A. The History of Hyper Calvinism Among Baptists
    B. Are We Means Baptists?
    Wayne Camp, Scobey, Mississippi A. Eternal Justification?
    B. Regeneration, God's Word & The Holy Spirit
    Dan Chamberlin, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma A. What Is Hyper Calvinism?
    B. Hyper Calvinism & The Philadelphia Confession
    Dan Cozart, Tyler, Texas A. Free Offer of The Gospel
    B. Antinomianism
    Ben Gardner, Kansas City, Missouri Is The Great Commission Still In Effect?
    J.C. Settlemoir, Lizton, Indiana A. The Bible Doctrine of Election
    B. To Whom Is The Gospel To Be Preached?
    Robert Walker, Columbus, Nebraska Was John Gill A Hyper Calvinist?
    • No registration fee will be charged.
    • Meals will be provided by the church at no cost to conference attendees.
    • RV hookups are available at the church at no cost to those who request a space in advance.

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